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Judit Souza on Andrei's death: "My son's friends are my best friends"

Judit Souza on Andrei’s death: “My son’s friends are my best friends”

It was in June 2014 that the son of Judith de Sousa He died after an accident in the pool. In an emotional interview on TVI, the journalist spoke about the interruption in her career, the severe depression that she experienced, and the friends who turned their backs on her.

After Andrei’s death, the journalist believed that she would never do television again. Her inner circle advised her to go back to work. When Andrew died, There was no one, starting with the doctors, who said I should stop to grieve for my son. That’s why I went back to work in September.”admits Judit Souza, explaining that the mourning took place only during the pandemic, when she was forced to stay home on a break from work (three years total).

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“I have to go back to work as a way to save myself.”, says the journalist about the advice she received. She was only two months away. Today you see it was a mistake.”It should have been mourning at that time (…) I’ve ended up heartbroken for the past three years. Of course, time does not solve the basic problem.He said, describing the loss of a child as an eternal “shipwreck.”

Friends you’ve lost and new friends you’ve made

After speaking to her doctor, she returned to television at the end of 2021. During the interview, Judit revealed that many friends, some of them for over 40 years, have turned their backs on her. “He was sick. A parent who loses a child inevitably falls into depression. There were a lot of people out there who didn’t bother to Google how the woman who loses her only child reacts.”Describe.

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thereI see people who have stopped talking to me, and others who have disappeared from my life,” he begins to explain.They could not bear the weight of my tears.Explains difficult times. During the conversation, Judit Souza was in tears when she was surprised by messages from her son’s friends who are now her friend.

My best friends are these guys. Because many other friends, people who have been with me for 40 years, have turned their backs on me.”He guarantees, also saying that he has dinner every month with some members of Andrei’s friends group.