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Julia Balla after Manuel Moreira's denunciations: "Well done"

Julia Balla after Manuel Moreira’s denunciations: “Well done”

JÚlia Palha was one of the public figures who expressed support for Manuel Moreira, after the actor reported on his Instagram account about anti-gay attacks that he had recently been targeting.

After leaving a comment in the post saying it was “well done”, as the authors “deserve to be revealed,” he added a few more words to the stories on his page.

Commentary left by the actress in the post provided by Manuel Moreira© Instagram – Julia Balla

“Grow up and stand up. If you give too much importance and want to criticize others’ sexuality a lot, it is because you are definitely not very comfortable with you,”

“If you waste time in your daily life making any offensive comments, and therefore, bully anyone, either because of their sexual activity, their body, their choices, or any reason, realize that your words and actions have consequences in someone’s head and this is on the other side of Your screens are human, “he notes.

“I really hope that situations like the ones that Manuel Moreira is going through, and I’m passing by, and many other people (whether public figures or not) will never happen to your child, friend, or family member. More love please!”, Completed.

Accurate newsThink about the topic presented by the actress© Instagram – Julia Balla

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