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Julio Isidro misses “Natal dos Hospitais” for health reasons: find out what happened to the presenter – Nacional

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Unlike usual, Julio Isidro was not present at the broadcast of the program “Natal dos Hospitais”, on RTP, on Thursday. The veteran broadcaster was one of the faces chosen by the public station for this event, however He ended up away for health reasonsMore specifically, his vertigo syndrome crisis, which he now reveals himself.

“Yesterday I was going to do a little ‘Christmas for Hospitals’ moment. And at the end of the afternoon, I’ll be there hugging those who are suffering, my involvement for 59 years…yes, 59 years! “I like precise calculations and yesterday’s broadcast will be the sixty-fifth of this initiative that brings together several thousand Portuguese people around the tree of solidarity that is Diário de Notícias and RTP,” says Julio Isidro.

“I’ve done it 58 times, and yesterday I missed it. A bout of vertigo syndrome that I had never felt before took the ground from under my feet and I stayed at home. I am sad, but with hope/certainty that, God willing, I will go to hospital 60 times over Christmas before I retire from work,” the 78-year-old caller said, before recalling the past.

“I have already done this marathon in the company of many presenters throughout the long hours of the oldest and most watched television programs in Portugal. Now I step onto the RTP 1 stage for three minutes to offer words of affection and support to all those” who will not spend Christmas with their families. I’m old enough to still spend Christmas in a row with no television, no radio, and no photographers to publicize the event. Social networks did not yet exist to serve personalized promotions,” he added.

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“I dream of a utopia that one day there will be a society with open doors to happiness. That’s how I felt today, without my airtime… I ask for health, physical and spiritual to the largest audience of the year. Now I’ll take my medicine and walk properly, which is I’ve been doing it all my life.”