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Julio Isidro recalls the beginning of the relationship with his partner: “I said I wanted to marry her”

In an interview given to Nuno Azenhira for the magazine new peopleAnd Julius Isidro Making his personal side more famous and recalling the beginning of the relationship with his partner, Sandra Barros. At that time, the two worked together, when Julio Isidro decided to surprise his colleague at the time with a marriage proposal.

We have become very close both professionally and personally. One day, on Christmas Eve, I took her home and told her I wanted to marry her.And open. “We weren’t dating. Anyway, we had some intimacy“, accomplishment

I said that, and she thought I was proposing to her that we should move in together. And I said, “No, no. I want you to have a ring on your finger like the other girls. you have the right tohe recalls, adding that at that time it was his partner “About 25 years old.”

Although it was an unexpected proposal, Julio Isidro said Sandra Barros gladly accepted. “I thought we would live together, but she was content. And he said, “Okay.” And me: “But you shouldn’t go home alone.” We have to get married, with wedding ring and all, and we have the right to be a mother, if you like.” From her moral structure, it was clear that she wanted to be a mother. That’s why girls were born, because we wanted “And is over.

Remember, the couple ended up exchanging rings in April 1998 and had two daughters, Marianais currently 24 years old, and francisca, with 20.