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Júlio Magalhães hired by CNN Portugal (audio) - O Jornal Económico

Júlio Magalhães hired by CNN Portugal (audio) – O Jornal Económico

Júlio Magalhães is CNN Portugal’s latest appointment, announced today for Media Capital Group’s news channel.

“Júlio Magalhães will be on CNN Portugal. The journalist brings his charisma and public sympathy to the country’s new and most ambitious information project,” the company that owns TVI announced today.

The journalist began his career at Comércio do Porto and Rádio Nova. He joined RTP in 1990 where he presented Jornal da Tarde, having later joined the crew of TVI where he was editor and moderator. In 2009, he became Director of Information at TVI, a position he held until 2011. A year later, he was appointed to be the general manager of Porto Canal, a channel he left in January 2021, having later merged into the Rádio Observador.

This appointment is in addition to Judith de Sousa, who also returned to Media Capital, and the appointment of Vitor Costa, who left Lusa to be the economics editor at TVI/CNN Portugal. Throughout his career, the journalist has been on the boards of directors of Diário Económico, Público or Lusa.

The info channel starts on November 22nd.

CNN Portugal will be chaired by Nuno Santos, who will have Pedro Santos Guerrero (former director of Expresso and Negócios) and Federico Roque de Pinho as CEO.

Anselmo Crespo (former TSF Director) will continue to lead TVI’s information department. In contrast, Pedro Mourinho and Joaquim Souza Martins, both Deputy Director of Information at TVI, take on transverse roles in both channels. Lurdes Baeta and Pedro Benevides retain their management positions at TVI.

Vitor Costa leaves Lusa to be the new economics editor at TVI/CNN Portugal

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