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July: A new album and the most anticipated concert on Vélodrome

July: A new album and the most anticipated concert on Vélodrome

When the rapper releases his new album this Friday, June 3rd, he will perform tomorrow at the Vélodrome Stadium in Marseille.

Friday, June 3, from 6 p.m., fans July You can find clips with 20 titles of his new album, “L‘Alien’. All linked to the video and aired on YouTube until 10pm. In total, July The studio has released 16 albums and 10 albums Compounds In just 9 years of life.

Beyond this 17eme Production, July Tomorrow there will be an exceptional concert at the Vélodrome Grounds in Marseille Saturday June 4. 60,000 people will attend this sold out concert.

His former neighbors and friends Saint-Jean-to-Desert Talked for 20 minutes, evoked shared memories: “There is I still see him leaving him Twinko Be a security guard. Sometimes he worked at the State Velotrom and knocked on people at the entrance. On Saturday, tens of thousands of people will flock to see them ConcertNotably, 55-year-old Michael mentions his former neighbor.

Attendance is recommended from 6 p.m.

Nevertheless, after an extra week in the State de France, the evening will be under control. Bouches-du-Rhône police headquarters have already warned of the danger “ImportantCounterfeit notes.

“Le The concert is over. There will be no box office at the ground to purchase tickets. Do not be fooled into buying tickets IndividualsSaid the prefect. This Finally the audience was invited to arrive before 6 p.m. “Respect Mandatory access signs appear Bills.

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