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July predictions for all signs

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Maria Padilha's predictions for all zodiac signs

In July, we arrive at card number 15, “Travel and Life Changes.” So during this month you should prepare yourself, as big changes will appear in your life. After all, this is the turning point month, as there are only five months left until the end of the year and it is natural for human beings to rush to achieve set goals. At this stage of the tournament, everyone is tired of the battles, routine and setbacks of daily life. Therefore, it is time to turn the corner and prepare for the year 2025, and focus on growth and achieving the goals set for our lives, as they are what make us happy and motivate us to continue with this plan. Learn about Queen Padilha's energies for all zodiac signs this month.

Discover the energy of Maria Padilha Deck this July

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Maria Padilha's predictions for all zodiac signs in July


I see that this month you will persevere in achieving a goal that is very difficult to achieve. Achieving Aries' goal is everything, and when it is not achieved they feel weak and helpless. Advice for you this month, Aries: Recalculate your path, prepare your plans, and do not insist on anything that is not constructive for you. I see that you are insisting on something that has no resonance in your life. Don't think you've failed, don't get discouraged, just find the best way out.


This July, your teacher will be by your side. Say prayers to connect with him, because this will bring you a lot of strength and energy for life. For those born under the sign of Taurus, movement and initiative are difficult, so connect this month with your spirituality in order to expand your horizons. This month, seek to enhance your spirituality, to help lightness in your daily life, take a mint bath. You can once a week, on Sundays, it will be wonderful. To start the week with more strength and fluidity.


This month will be wonderful for you, Gemini, as your paths are open and great opportunities will appear for you that cannot be missed. However, try to think about yourself and your needs, July is going to be great, don't miss out. If you are looking for a job or looking to change fields, grow and expand, you are in a position to take new directions in your life.

Padilha Energy in July


According to Maria Padilha, this month you have to be careful with friendships, it is very suitable for disappointments. Therefore, this can discourage you and make you lose focus and change your goals, find the strength of Padilha in you and surprise those who wrong you by not showing your true face and pretending to be friends.


Dear Leo, your ego betrays you this month. You will miss great opportunities on a whim. Do not look at the wounds of the past. Live for today. Try to heal those wounds that marked your journey so much. Do not destroy yourself by looking back. Put ego aside and move forward.


True balance lies in the power of Orixa, focus on this great energy that guides you and illuminates your journey because happiness is right in front of you. Make alliances and make commitments. Always think about your progress, development and happiness. Give yourself love and joy will emerge. I believe women will change your life this month by offering you partnerships and happiness.

Queen's predictions for all signs


Padilha asks you not to deceive yourself with others, and not to enter into deals, contracts or partnerships impulsively. Think carefully before accepting any offer, be rational in your decisions during this month, and do not fall into illusion.


Oxalá rules you this month Scorpio and sends you a message: All difficulties and losses will be eliminated during this month, face your difficulties with faith in yourself, spirituality is by your side protecting you, it is not time to retreat.


Your paths are open, try to think about your choices, and think. Sagittarius, it's time to think this way: “He who sows the wind will reap the storm.” Therefore, take a good look at the path you choose, and try not to act impulsively, because the real magic and energy that rules your life is you.


At certain times, in order to achieve success and balance in life, it is necessary to start over, to face problems head-on, and not be afraid to start over with something you left behind – whether that is a training course, buying something, or even visiting that friend. . Go for it, it will make you happy this month. July is suitable for closing courses.


From the front door, Padilha says that you will form successful partnerships, as there will be great positive changes in your life. If you are thinking about expanding your family, this month is suitable for you, so stay tuned.


Padilha, a resident of Picin, says this month is good for business. If you expect to receive money or a job offer this month, you will have a lot of prosperity and happiness in your life. If you are waiting for a marriage proposal or a date, this month is suitable for that.

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