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Jump to the European zone and into top 4 ::

Jump to the European zone and into top 4 ::

Liverpool beat Southampton 2-0 on Saturday, beating Tottenham Hotspur, climbing to sixth in the Premier League, and reaching the Conference League. You are Py They managed to close to fifth and keep the goal of going into the Champions League through the top four alive.

Portuguese Diogo Jota was the main player in the home side (on the left in the 79th minute) and Liverpool jumped ahead of the checkmark in the 31st minute, after Allison was decisive in goal and helped the team keep failing. At that point, Salah made a very wide cross and Sadio Mane appeared to head to the second post to score the 1×0 goal.

a Turns out Allison’s goal continued on target throughout the match, and Diogo Jota had a good chance to extend the score but shot so far that Mane pointed out what would have been toIf it were not for the irregular situation that nullified the bid. You are Py They can even extend the score to 90 ‘by Thiago Alcantara, who thanks to a powerful shot from outside the penalty area scored his debut with a Liverpool shirt.

Jürgen Klopp’s side advanced to sixth place, one point behind Tottenham, now out of the European zone. You are Py They are one point away from West Ham (a place in the Europa League) and six from Leicester, the last team in Champions League access points that has one more match than Liverpool.

In contrast, Southampton is 16th, and maintenance has yet to be guaranteed.

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