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Jury pulls out - declares state of crisis before deciding on George Floyd's case - VG

Jury pulls out – declares state of crisis before deciding on George Floyd’s case – VG

Main protests: Students across Minneapolis participated in Monday’s demonstrations during the closing remarks of the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin. Photo: Brandon Bell / Getty Images North America

While the jury withdrew to discuss whether they believed Derek Chauvin was guilty of killing George Floyd, the governor of Minnesota declared a state of emergency.

A Minneapolis court judge, where former police officer Derek Chauvin was accused of killing George Floyd on May 25 last year, asked the jury to withdraw shortly before midnight NST.

They will decide the matter of the offense in the case, as the 45-year-old Chauven was charged with premeditated murder and with various degrees of intentional murder of 46-year-old Floyd.

Chauvin denies criminal guilt.

“During the hearings, do not let prejudice, prejudice, pity, sympathy, or public opinion influence your decision,” Judge Peter Cahill told the 12 jury before their dismissal.

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He asks for help from other countries

Around the same time, Minnesota Governor Tim Falls issued a state of emergency, CNN writes.

The Democratic governor refers to the violent protests in Minneapolis in the aftermath of Floyd’s assassination, and asks for help from Ohio and Nebraska before the fall of the government.

He wrote in a statement: “While the world awaits a verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial, we need support in our attempts to protect the constitutional right to peaceful protest, while at the same time preserving public safety.”

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And the governor notes that the climax of the trial comes at an inflated time, After police shot Donut Wright on April 11th. The accident happened in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis.

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– The expected verdict in the Chauvin trial and the fatal police shooting of Donut Wright increased the likelihood of further unrest, he wrote.

There are also riots in Chicago, Illinois. 13-year-old Adam Toledo was shot dead by police in March, and a recent video clip from Police Authority cameras has angered the city.

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Governor GB Pritzker announced late Monday night that he would send 125 National Guard soldiers to the city to help police deal with protests that are expected to grow pending a verdict in the George Floyd case.

– Believe in their own eyes

The allegation came at trial on Monday With his closing remarks on the case.

Use common sense. They believed in their eyes. Attorney General Steve Schleiser told the pre-retirement jury what I saw, I saw.

For his part, the defense said in the case that the former police officer would have acted as if any police officer were in a “dynamic” situation that included “a huge man who was fighting three police officers.”

The jury was asked to look closely at what prompted Chauvin to use force against Floyd.

Defense attorney Eric Nelson said, “You have to bear in mind that police officers are also people who can make mistakes in very stressful situations.” AP writes.

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