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Just Dance 2022 includes Pablo Vitar songs

Just Dance 2022 includes Pablo Vitar songs

Pabllo Vittar goes further. The Dragon Queen The most heard in the world right now is “Just Dance”, in the 2022 edition of the dance game. There are two Maranhão singer songs among the 40 songs of the famous game, which contain many dance hymns ranging from Todrick Hall to Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

One of Pabllo Vittar’s songs on Just Dance 2022 is Flash Pose, which was released in July 2019 and the first single from EP ‘111 1’. The song was the first release by Drag Queen for the international market and features British singer Charlie XCX.

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The other song, voiced by Pablo Vitar, is the participation of Drew Quinn and Brazilian singer Anita in the recording of Major Lazer. “Sua Cara”, released in July 2017 and part of the “Know No Better” EP, is also on “Just Dance 2022”.

However, this is not the first time Anita In the game developed by Ubisoft. The karaoke owner landed several hit songs in the game for the first time in 2017, with the song ‘Bang’, which was released in 2015. Then, in the Unlimited version of the 2019 game, Anitta was remembered again, with ‘Medicina’.

Just Dance 2022 is now available for purchase. Physical versions cost for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One and Series X | S, between R$ 279.90 and R$ 329.99. The price for the digital version on Microsoft devices is R$239.95. pre-existing Sony devices 239.90 Brazilian Real. For PS5, the game, in addition to the standard version, has a deluxe version, for R$279.90. On the Nintendo Switch there is a digital version only, for R$239.95.

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Take a look at the songs from Just Dance 2022:

“No Foil” The cases of Julian Granell and Lina
“Baiana” – bakery
Believer – imagine Dragons
‘Black Mamba’ – spa
Bombay Pink Black
“Charming Boss” – Scarlett Claw
“Building a bitch” – Bella Burke
Buttons (remix) – Pussy dolls (foot Snoop Dogg)
“Shakaron” – El Chombo
‘chandelier’ – He is
‘China’ – Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee e Karol G (Ft. J Balvin & Ozuna)
“Don’t Go Yet” – Camila Cabello
flash mode – Pablo Vitar and Charlie XCX
‘Freed from desire’ – expensive
‘panic’ – Megan Trainor
“Girl Like Me” – Black Eyed Peas and Shakira
“good 4 yo” – Olivia Rodrigo
‘Happier than ever’ – Billie Eilish
‘humans’ – Cevdaliza
I’m Outta Love – Anastasia
“Jerusalem (2020)” – Master kg (Foot Nomsebo Zedoc)
“jump” – Supreme
Judah – Lady Gaga
“presser” – General Hoshino
“Last Friday Night (TGIF)” – Katy Perry
“top level” – car
“Height” – two lip
“Love Story (Taylor Version)” – Taylor Swift
‘the master. the sky is blue’ – Sunlight vibrators
‘my way’ Saints Dominoes
Nails, hair, hips and heels – Todrick Hall
“Bob/Star” – K/DA (Ft. (G) I-DLE, Jaira Burns, Madison Beer)
“poster girl” – Zara Larsson
‘Move your body’ Justin Timberlake
Rule the world girls! – Beyonce
Save Your Tears (Remix) – Ariana Grande at the Weekend
‘Shout’ – Lisa Buck
‘A boy from a small village’ – Bronsky wins
‘stop roll drop’ – Come on Teo
‘your face’ Major Lazer (with Anita and Pablo Vitar)
“Think of things” – Dawi Freire
you can dance’ – Chile Gonzalez
‘You make me feel real strong)’
– Sylvester

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