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Just yesterday I was contacted by four different clubs.  The battle will be fierce

Just yesterday I was contacted by four different clubs. The battle will be fierce

Rui Pedro Soares, President of Belenenses, noted “three or four more reinforcements” and talks about several contacts with Casiera.

Belenenses president, Rui Pedro Soares, indicated this Sunday the possibility of signing “three or four more reinforcements” for the I Liga team, until the transfer market shuts down.

“[A pré-temporada] Things were going well. And he added, in a virtual press conference in which he talked about the “market” and preparing for the season, that the reinforcements have integrated well, and it is likely that by the end of next August, we will hire three or four more reinforcements.”

The positions identified as priorities for these signings are in the center of defence, midfield and attack, as the Blues are looking for a moving striker, with characteristics different from those of Mathieu Casiera, Alion N’Dor and Luis Motta.

“Both the midfielder and the striker are goals we’ve been negotiating since June. These are unresolved situations, but we’re working on them. In terms of the midfield we’re looking for, I admit we’re talking with more than one, as it could have any effect on selling us a player” Director explained.

This potential sale is the sale of Thomas Ribeiro, a young midfielder who has attracted the attention of many clubs, including the Portuguese, revealed Rui Pedro Soares, who “despite the interest and concrete suggestions”, said he rejected them all, because as well as the Lisbon administration received them Colombian Matteo Casiera.

“We have many concrete proposals on Casira from Turkey, Greece, Russia and a British team. Just yesterday [sábado]I’ve been contacted by four different clubs. We expect the fight to be fierce. “We have only five proposals from Turkey,” he added.

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Rui Pedro Soares confirmed that Casiera is “aware of the interest”, and stressed that in the event that the striker stays in Belenenses, “he will not be upset”, warning that “to receive him, they will have to make a very big effort. A high offer”.

“[O Cassierra] He is a very good player, a great professional and if he stays with us he will have an excellent career. The highest offer we’ve rejected so far [pelo Cassierra] It was 2.2 million euros. “It is still far from its true value.”

In addition to Tomas Ribeiro and Casiera, the Lisbon president also confirmed the trends of midfielders Sitoli, Afonso Taira and Afonso Sousa, while in the chapter on failed signings, he explained what happened in dealing with and with Bosnian goalkeeper Kenan Peric. Portuguese midfielder Thiago Dantas.

“Thiago Dantas was suggested to us by his manager. He is an excellent player, we were interested but at the time we were talking to the manager he said he was still dependent on another offer. Whoever we hire has to come with ambition and desire to play with us,” Criticizing athletes and agents who currently put their money ahead of sporting performance.”

Regarding Kenan Beric, Rui Pedro Soares explained that after the goalkeeper underwent a medical examination, in which “an injury that could limit him” was revealed, although it was not a hindrance, the businessman demanded that the amount be paid in cash: “He tried to change the circumstances during Negotiations. We thought it was ridiculous, it was the first time a businessman dared say he wanted cash in banknotes. There are no cash payments here, and I think not in Bosnia either.”

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The Belenenses will make their new season debut on Saturday, 15:30, visiting Mafra High School, while the first round of League One dictates a trip to FC Porto, the weekend of August 7-8.