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Justice denies exhuming Gal Costa's body and demands an investigation – News

Justice denies exhuming Gal Costa's body and demands an investigation – News

The court rejected the request to exhume Gal Costa's remains. But it ordered an investigation into the circumstances of the death of the singer, who died on November 9, 2022, to determine whether there was a crime.

The artist's son, Gabriel Costa, requested that the body be exhumed because there was “reasonable doubt” about the cause of his mother's death. However, the court's decision, Globo reported, states that “the request goes beyond the scope of the administrative work of this court.”

According to the judge, the Second Common Pleas Court, to which she belongs, “does not have the authority” to “decide on the exhumation of the body for the purposes of evidence in criminal proceedings,” because “the facts narrated indicate the commission of a criminal offense.” Against the singer.

The judge decided to refer the case to the police “to investigate the facts narrated by Gabriel Pena Burgos Costa.”

In the exhumation request, Gal's son stated that on the morning of the artist's death, Wilma Petrillo, the singer's widow, summoned him to his mother's room, and found Gal on the floor, already dead and “you can see the foam.” In the singer's mouth. However, his health condition the previous day was considered “normal and normal.”

By Wilma's decision and “against the wishes of friends and family”, an autopsy was not performed on the singer, which is why the document casts doubt on Gal's death certificate, which states the cause of death as “acute myocardial infarction and malignant tumor of the head.” And the neck.”

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