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Kabul Airport: - High risk of a terrorist attack

Kabul Airport: – High risk of a terrorist attack

The area at the airport: Eight people were killed in the chaos that occurred at Kabul airport after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.

The threat of terrorist attacks means that authorities in several countries, including the United States, are warning their citizens not to go to the airport.


A US military spokesman said CNN That there is information about very specific threats from an ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan about attacks on crowds outside the airport. The terrorist group is sworn enemies of the Taliban.

The US Embassy in Kabul has asked its citizens to leave the airport immediately due to the threats. Americans are being asked to follow the advice unless they receive their own messages from other government officials at the airport.

A Western diplomat described the area around Kabul’s airport as “crowded with people” despite security warnings, Reuters wrote.

Those on the three streets are asked to leave the area immediately. It also reports to the British Foreign Office for its own citizens.

There is a persistent and high risk of terrorist attacks. Do not fly into Hamid Karzai International Airport. If you’re near the airport, drive away to a safe place and wait for advice, according to updated travel advice from the British Foreign Office. They also say it is very dangerous to drive to the airport and point to allegations of people being mistreated on their way to the airport, as stated in a letter from the British Foreign Office according to the NTB.

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British defense source says Sky News that there is a “very high risk of terrorist attacks” against the eviction.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs also announced the same.

Do not fly to Kabul airport. If you are at the airport, go to a safe place and wait for more information.

1,500 Americans are waiting, according to AP to be evicted from the country. According to US General Hank Taylor, 10,000 people are still at the airport waiting for evacuation CBS.

On Tuesday, it became known that the President of the United States Joe Biden will withdraw all Americans from Afghanistan on August 31, Although he came under great pressure from allied countries to extend the deadline.

“The sooner we finish the job, the better,” he said. At the press conference on Tuesday, he said, the United States has already managed to evacuate 70,700 from Afghanistan.

Norway’s Foreign Minister In Eriksen Soered says Norway You must continue to evacuate as long as possible.

She says the Norwegian evacuation may have to stop even earlier If the deadline is not moved.

From night to Thursday it became known that Belgium and Poland end evacuation from Kabul.

The European Union has asked the United States to secure the airport even after August 31, but Biden has yet to say that there is anything the United States will do.