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Kanye West was spotted with two women in a hotel room

Kanye West was enjoying the end/beginning of the year in Miami so much

Kanye West really enjoyed late 2021 and early 2022, being seen in Miami, Los Angeles, Belize and elsewhere in recent days. Media coverage of the artist’s personal life has increased since her divorce from Kim Kardashian. And while he’s publicly begged his ex to let him go back into her arms, Kim doesn’t seem interested.

Yi recently bought his ex-wife’s house across the street to be closer to his family.As renovations begin on his new property, the fashion and music icon continues to be seen enjoying his vacation, dating an eclectic group of women.

After she was spotted dating actress Julia Fox a few days ago, Ye apparently fell asleep in her hotel room in Miami with two other women, who were spotted on her bedroom balcony with him.

In the paparazzi photos, Yi is standing on the edge of the balcony and looking at the phone while the woman is wearing a white blouse and is looking away in the opposite direction. A different woman appears at the door at some point, which means they weren’t alone in the suite.

Check out the pictures below at Instagram Does DJ Academics:

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