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Kanye West's car sold for the highest price in history at auction

Kanye West’s car sold for the highest price in history at auction

The auction included seven Kanye West cars, which included the most expensive Ford Raptor ever sold.

With Kanye West and Kim Kardashian nearing the end of their divorce (Despite Yi’s pleas to get back together), it appears that a large part of West’s experience in Wyoming is also coming to an end. After moving its operations to Wyoming and hosting groups to showcase their projects since 2018, the focus on Yee’s growing affinity with the American Northwest has been enormous.

From his lengthy interview with Zane Lowe, where he and the Beats 1 host toured the farm, to the “Follow God” music video, which featured Ye and her father sailing an ATV, the Wyoming property has been spotted. The headquarters of all Kani. last month, however, This Wyoming ranch is up for sale for $11 million. And after buying the palaces in it Malibu and on BelgiumThe rapper took the step of returning some money to his wallet.

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according to TMZYe’s fleet of Wyoming-owned cars and vans was auctioned off this weekend and raised more than $400,000.

The auction, conducted by Moser Brothers Auctions, featured seven cars, including two SUVs and five pickup trucks. They sold two Ford Expeditions, the Ford F-350 and Ford F-250 and a trio of Ford F-150 Raptors. The portal reports that the auction garnered more than 137,000 views and 800 bids.

One of the Ford Raptors sold at auction, the 2019 4×4 SuperCrew, sold for $86,900, making it the most expensive Ford Raptor ever sold. West still owns another 6,713 square meter property in Greybull, Wyoming.

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Check out one of his cars in the video below. Youtube below: