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Kasha recalls decadent period: 'I was ashamed of myself'

Kasha recalls decadent period: ‘I was ashamed of myself’

When she entered “Big Brother Famosos”, Kasha, one of the three DAMA members and winner of said reality show, assumed from the very first moment that she was there because she needed to change her life, after a very turbulent time of existence. The end of his relationship with Barbara Bandera, in August 2021, has plunged him into deep grief, a path filled with plenty of alcohol, tobacco, sleepless nights, and a life confined to a small studio. “The studio sofa was my bed for two months. I was looking for coins to park Emil in. I had more places to go, either my mother’s house or my friends house, but that was the first step back to where I was and I didn’t learn anything. So to punish me. In fact, I had no alternative, I wanted to live this way. I was even ashamed of myself ”, admitted Christina Ferreira. He said the blanket was used as a quilt, but also as a bath towel. There was no shower, the musician used a cup to take a shower. “Being bad is, in effect, finding yourself and your locker the trunk of your car. You’re 32 and your money’s all disorganized,” he reported in Alentejo Hill, where he later turned to compose his first solo work which he released on May 13, EP. Esquece”. Kasha feels she is on the right track again, but she is not afraid to say that it was love that led him to the abyss. “I regret a lot of the things I did out of love. Of course it felt like it was forever, it’s immortal in the songs.”

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