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Katarina Furtado condemns sexual harassment.  “Some called out to me, others were more detailed” - my post

Katarina Furtado condemns sexual harassment. “Some called out to me, others were more detailed” – my post

“Some made clear and suggestive calls that gave me no room for doubt as to intent, others were more detailed. But their intentions were crystal clear. There was no room for doubt. I know how to distinguish between unimportant pyropes and intentions. Forum.” The statement made by Katarina Furtado in an interview with ExpressionLeave no doubt. Although this isn’t the first time the presenter has spoken on the topic – in 2018, she spoke about harassment in an interview with Rádio Comercial – this time, the 48-year-old actress and presenter revealed that she was harassed by three people with hierarchically superior positions At the beginning of your career.

In the Weekly, he also reveals that he did like many women: He assumed it had nothing to do with her. “Despite my young age, I resorted to my emotional intelligence, to the waist game, did not fall into the trap, and managed to avoid the relationship of hostility and conflict. But it is necessary to analyze why I was unable to fall into the trap. Despite his fear of losing something. He was achieving it on merit, he had a family background, and he knew very well he had a safe haven, ”he said, after leaving all situations alone.

Solidarity, humanity and supposed feminism, Catarina Furtado She is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund, and founder of the Portuguese Association Hearts with Crown. He recently posted on his Instagram account where he warned about harassment, writing: “In 2018 I gave an interview where I spoke for the first time about my personal condition. The reasons that led me to speak at that time are varied. Today this topic is on the agenda more than ever. Always with the desired seriousness. Always focus on the victims more than on the aggressors. It is necessary to find the causes, understand how to fight them, and dialogue with all stakeholders in a constructive manner. With a demand for reflection, support for legislation, information exchange and urgent prevention. “

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