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Kate Middleton “apologizes” after missing another royal event

Kate Middleton “apologizes” after missing another royal event

Kate Middleton He follows absent From his public life… and it will remain so. It was reported in the British press that the Princess of Wales It should not resume its schedule before the fall, with the possibility of an extension until the end of the year.

While there is also speculation that this hypothetical return of William It could mean a Abandoning the normal performance of their dutiesKate found herself “forced” to apologize for missing another event.

These are the public and final rehearsals for one of the most important events of the monarchy in the United Kingdom – “”Color forces– That princess He should not attend.

Doubts in the “air”! Kate Middleton 'may never return to the role people saw her in before'

According to the magazinethe peopleMiddleton even wrote a letter containing:apology“For the Irish Guards, he is an 'honorary colonel.'” At the rehearsal, the Princess was to receive a formal salute from the army, something that could not be achieved.

via social media”X“, the Irish Guards responded to the words of Prince William's wife, while staying away from the public spotlight.

I would like to thank everyone involved for the months of training and hours dedicated to making sure everything was clean. (…) I'm sorry I can't be with you this year. Please move my apologies to the bylaws. I hope everything goes for the better“, will be in the message, according to”the people'.

The Royal Family in 'Trooping the Color' 2023 (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Kate Middleton isn't the only family member battling cancer

Remember, Kate Middleton is not the only member of the British royal family battling cancer. In February, as mentioned, the king's diagnosis of a long-term illness also became known. Charles III.

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The king even spoke about the side effects of the treatment he is undergoing to combat cancer. Husband Camilla He will have lost his sense of taste, which is the only thing he has said so far about the illness he faces.