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Kate Middleton has a special tradition on her children's birthdays

Kate Middleton has a special tradition on her children’s birthdays

eThis Friday, the 23rd, two weeks after receiving the news of Prince Philip’s death, the British royal family has reason to celebrate. Prince Louis, the youngest of three children of Kate Middleton and William, celebrates his third birthday.

One can imagine a quiet day, living with the family, discreetly, similar to what happened on Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, but it is believed that Kate will revive the date by fulfilling a special tradition.

As it was revealed publicly in 2019 on A Berry Royal Christmas, with Presenter Mary Berry, the Duchess loves to be in charge of the kids’ birthday cake. He said at the time, “I love making cake. It has become a tradition.”

This Duchess’s taste for the holidays is said to be “inherited” from her parents, who own the party pieces trade company.

In addition to Lewis, Kate Middleton and Prince William are still the parents of George, seven, and Charlotte, five.

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