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Kate Middleton is going through hell because of cancer – Verver

Kate Middleton is going through hell because of cancer – Verver

Perhaps the princess's health condition worsened.

05/06/2024 • 21 h 40
Miguel Azevedo

After she shocked the world last March by revealing in a video clip that she had been diagnosed with cancer, adding that she was already undergoing chemotherapy, Kate Middleton (42 years old) may have witnessed the deterioration of her health condition. Friends talk about hell. “I'm sad now, I think they're going through hell. I hope they come back. It's really very personal.”Designer Amaya Arrieta told The Telegraph. Remember, however, that Prince William recently confirmed, in an update on his wife's health, that Kate “I was fine.”

The princess has stayed away from public and official events since last January, when she underwent abdominal surgery. Then, he recorded a video that surprised the world. “In January, I underwent major abdominal surgery in London, which was thought to be non-cancerous at the time. The operation was successful. However, post-operative tests revealed the presence of cancer. Therefore, my medical team recommended preventive chemotherapy.” “I am now in the early stages of this treatment, of course. This has been a huge shock, and William and I have done everything we can to address and manage this, for the benefit of our family.”announced at the time.

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