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Kate Middleton will miss Ms. D's honor.  The meaning of absence

Kate Middleton will miss Ms. D’s honor. The meaning of absence

ePrince William and Prince Harry will gather, Thursday, July 1, at the ceremony to unveil a statue in honor of their mother, Princess Diana, on the day she will turn 60, if she is still alive.

As confirmed, Kate Middleton, wife of William, will be one of the biggest absentees at the event.

According to sources close to the family for Page Six, this absence “says a lot on several levels.”

“I think keeping the number low [de pessoas no evento por causa da pandemia] It’s the perfect excuse for Katherine to walk away. William is involved in a drama and Catherine doesn’t need to be drawn into her.”, note.

“They are planning a special family visit with the children, and this moment is much more important than what the audience will say.”, Confirms.

He adds, “William is determined that the Sussex drama does not steal the spotlight from this important moment of remembrance for his mother and remains focused on it.”

Remember that Harry is already in the UK under the recommended quarantine period.

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