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Kathy Hummels reveals secret - "It's worth it to me"

Kathy Hummels reveals secret – “It’s worth it to me”

Kathy Hummels: No one would have expected that – “It’s worth it to me”

October 4, 2021 at 10:08 p.m.

Katie Hummels defends herself against hate on the web at RTL.

Katie Hummels defends herself against hate on the web at RTL.

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Kathy Hummels As an influential and TV presenter, he is constantly in the public eye. With his image or rumors of his marriage to PVP player Mates Hummels – Kathy Hummels Receives a lot of reviews without fail.

The RTL special features “Home, Heads, Haas – Daily Attack from the Internet” Kathy Hummels Now he put himself in the line of fire and took part in an experiment with his Instagram profile.

Katie Hummels fights hate online on RTL

His goal: The TV presenter wants to change his language on his Instagram profile so as to polarize it. In August 2021, Kathy Hummels will begin gender in her positions.


This is Kathy Hummels:

  • Catherine Fisher was born on January 31, 1988 in Dutch
  • During her A-levels in 2007, Kathy met and fell in love with footballer Mates Hummels
  • When professional player moved from FC Bayern to BVB in Dortmund, Kathy went with him
  • He studied economics at TU Dortmund
  • On June 15, 2015, she married PVP player Mates Hummels
  • The couple has a son, Ludwig, who saw the light on January 11, 2018
  • There are always rumors of separation and divorce about Mates and Kathy
  • Kathy Hummels is a television presenter, among others “Campfire Realtists”
  • Kathy Hummel’s brother, Sebastian Fisher, is a guest host on RDL Special, here, as a psychologist, clarifies cyber hatred


At this point, no one knows that the project is part of a plan. The reactions of their fans provoke a storm.

Kathy Hummels has a clear opinion on rumors of a split over PVP star Mats Hummels

Suddenly, the gender controversy moves completely into the background because rumors of Kathy and her husband Mats Hummels splitting up are getting louder and louder.

This is not the first time fans have been skeptical about the relationship between the two. On the show, Kathy makes it clear again that she will not talk about her personal life or her marriage to Mats.

Kathy Hummels can’t understand the hatred in the web

But rumors about their relationship keep them busy anyway. “Sometimes I wonder, what’s wrong with this head?”

+++ Kathy Hummels: Honest words to her fans – “Yes, alone” +++

The parodies of RTL colleague Oliver Bocher also confirm that the hatred against Kathy Hummels will not end. “I was so badly insulted, it wasn’t a critique, it was just a situation,” the presenter now says.

RTL: Stephen Hallashka surprises Kathy Hummels with an unusual message

In an interview with RTL presenter Stephen Hallashka, the 33-year-old spoke again about the past few weeks, in which he had to take more than usual.

But Kathy Hummels would have expected less of it all. One user reported to RDL and apologized on Twitter for some unsolicited messages sent to Kathy Hummels in the past.


Further Kathy Hummels:

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Incredible reaction – after all, this is what Kathy wanted to achieve by her action. Focus on hate on the web. If only one person could reconsider, she firmly believes that “it is worth it to me”.

You can find out what mysterious message Kathy Hummels confused her fans here.

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