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Kathy Hummels sells a real treasure at “Purses for Race”

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From: Julia Volkanand

Cathy Hummels “Bares for Rares” © Screenshot “Bares for Rares”

“Bares für Rares XXL” presenter Kathy Hummels expressed her greatest desire by chatting from the sewing box.

Munich – Kathy Hummels (33) * True professional in front of the camera and can not be fooled so quickly. On Wednesday the presenter did not focus on the ZDF project “Purses for Race * XXL”, but was a companion guest of friend Kerstin Wöllerin. At the beginning of her appearance, the photographer Kathy’s girlfriend was curious about what it was like to appear in a collaborative look with the host with Horst Licher. Because the two wore identical brown coats. Kathy Hummel’s stumble looked like Lister because under her coat she was wearing a jacket in the same striped shape as Hummel’s winter wardrobe. “That’s a good omen,” she decided later.

In the old Horst-Lichter frenzy, he tormented the two women with all sorts of interesting questions, thus revealing a lot of details from them.

Kathy Hummels talks about her greatest desire in “Purses for Arias”

When asked how temperance, social media and personal life can be brought under one roof, Kathy knows the immediate answer. “In the end you have to burn for what you do. Everything I do doesn’t work for me,” he says happily. “I want to be a role model for my son who comes first,” he adds.

The appraiser also knows what she will always like: “I want to fly. Spread your wings and fly. ”She recently tried a sky diving and was thrilled. “I’ve never felt so calm before. I think it’s so good,” he cheers.

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Kathy Hummels “Purses for Arrears”: This is how much the product is worth

However, in the end, the guests and the lights come to the real occasion of the show: the material for sale. Because Kerstin Voller once brought big doors with gold jewelry that his parents bought in Hong Kong. They were luxuriously decorated and hung on the wall of his parents’ house, the photographer explains. The expert knew that these were made in the old fashioned way. The painting was actually painted with gold dust, he continues. Doors may be from 1860 to 1900. Voller says the doors cost 6 1,600. “At least,” Kathy Hummels then shoots. The expert goes even better and estimates that the door will be at least 2000 euros.

Kathy Hummels also diligently raises prices in front of sellers. “You’re doing a great job,” she praises.

Anyone who wants to watch Cathy Hummels on “Bares for Rares XXL” can watch it on ZDF on Wednesday (December 22) at 8:15 pm. is a privilege provided by IPPEN.MEDIA