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Kia unveils a new model for Europe: a compact electric SUV

Kia unveils a new model for Europe: a compact electric SUV

The catalog of electric vehicles is taking shape, as more and more brands present their proposals. This time, the news comes from Kia, which showed off a compact electric SUV, its next model for Europe.

Kia Concept EV3

With an official presentation scheduled for May 23, images released of Kia's new EV3 show similar angular lines and lighting details used by the car EV3 conceptwhich was revealed in October last year.

According to Automotive News Europe, the EV3 continues the same design theme that Kia used in its EV9 large SUV, which went on sale in Europe last year. Furthermore, it shares details with the smaller EV5 mid-size electric SUV, which was launched last year and mostly targets the Chinese market.

A teaser for Kia's new compact SUV, the EV3

Teaser for Kia's new compact SUV, EV3 (Auto News Europe)

The new EV3 compact SUV will be targeted at European markets, and is expected to be manufactured at Kia's plant in Slovakia, although the manufacturer has not revealed the vehicle's manufacturing location. However, it is expected to go on sale at the end of this year.

The EV3 is also expected to be based on the same Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) used in the EV5 and EV9, as well as the current EV6 mid-size crossover.

The new SUV will compete with the new Ford Explorer compact electric SUV, as well as the Volkswagen ID4, placing it above the Niro EV in Kia's catalog.

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