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Kicked out of the heroes?  Threats of those who confuse monopoly with property ″

Kicked out of the heroes? Threats of those who confuse monopoly with property ″


Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, spoke for the first time after the announcement of the European Premier League, on the program of El Chiringuito.

Expelled from the Champions League: “They are threats from someone who confuses monopoly with property. No need to threaten, we have to talk. We are presenting a formula that we believe in saving football, just as they thought when they created the European Cup. Don’t kick Real Madrid out of the Champions League, for sure. Not even the city.” … Good? It’s another … First, you have to be more transparent, UEFA was not very transparent. The monopolies ended. Football is about to collapse. Not the big ones. All of them. If there is no money in the big clubs. “They don’t buy players from others. It’s aging.”

Paris Saint-Germain: “Paris Saint-Germain? We didn’t invite, we made the deal with 12 clubs. We have 12 clubs and we can have 15 clubs? When that was known, I don’t know why, someone said we’ll end the league. The leagues are the backbone of everything.”

UEFA Champions League Format: “The Champions League is attractive from the quarter-finals, the rest is of little importance. We played against modest teams that are not attractive. When we have the money to talk about and share, we believe in solidarity. We believe in solidarity. And values.”

Merit: “Merit cannot be there for 50 teams. Napoli and Roma will also be eligible … If not in one year, it will be next year. But what makes money is 15 who play against each other every week, it will be the greatest show.”

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The five teams invited: “We are talking about three countries … We don’t know what criteria we will use, we will work on that. It will be a sports advantage. We have made a statement, if we read it, it is perfect to explain. We will talk to FIFA, UEFA. It is not a closed tournament.”