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Kim Jong Un wants to eliminate South Korea

Kim Jong Un wants to eliminate South Korea

At the same time, he threatens the United States with nuclear weapons.


Kim Jong Un warned in a speech Sunday night Norwegian time that North Korea will no longer try to achieve reconciliation and reunification with South Korea.

– I think this is a mistake that we should no longer make, says the head of state, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

These statements come at the conclusion of the annual meeting of the North Korean Workers' Party.

– We considered the people who declared us their biggest enemy, as someone with whom we would try to achieve reconciliation and reunification.

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At the same time, the head of state stressed that the reunification “will never happen.”

The speech joins a series of increasingly tense moments in the relationship between North Korea and South Korea.

Heralds nuclear deterrence

Kim also says North Korea cannot overlook the United States' growing strategic military presence on the Korean Peninsula.

It is believed that, therefore, North Korea must make a radical shift in its policy towards South Korea.

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– We solemnly declare that if the United States and South Korea try to confront us militarily, our nuclear deterrent will take significant measures, says Kim.

He also communicates with South Korea, the country he invites “colonizer”“colonizer”Being colonized means being under the control of another country. It is “completely dependent on the United States,” according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, Kim warns that North Korea will build a “solid foundation” to increase its nuclear weapons production.

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According to Kim, war could break out on the peninsula “at any time” – because of the United States and its allies.

More spy satellites will be launched

The agency's statement said that Kim ordered the North Korean army to begin preparations to annihilate South Korea in response to the nuclear crisis.

Kim also says North Korea will invest in drone production.

Authorities in Pyongyang also announced on Sunday that the country will launch three more flights in 2024 Spy satellites.Spy satellites.Satellites are used to monitor and collect information from space.

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Last fall, the North Korean leader suddenly appeared in Russia: