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King Charles’ “Greek tie” creates a necklace

King Charles’ “Greek tie” creates a necklace

After King Charles III addressed a climate summit, his advisers are trying to calm speculation about why he chose a light blue tie.

Light blue is the color of credibility and sincerity, but it can also lead to conflicts.

The short version

according to Color theory Light blue indicates credibility and sincerity. Therefore, it was supposed to be a good sign for the king to wear a light blue tie and put a scarf of the same color in his breast pocket. He was scheduled to speak at the climate summit, and his words were far from reassuring.

The British King has been interested in protecting the environment for many years, before it became something that “everyone” thought was important. Therefore, it was not surprising that he used strong words at COP28. Charles said humanity was engaged in a “huge and terrifying experiment.” He went on to say that it is a question of whether we will survive if climate emissions are not reduced.

Sunak called for pragmatism

But it was not the King’s troubling speech that received the most attention. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also took to the podium. His message was far from terrifying. Sunak stressed that the population must be involved and realistic if we want the summit to achieve practical results.

But in retrospect, it was not the difference between the king’s message and the prime minister’s message that made the headlines. It is the king’s tie and handkerchief that are being discussed.

What was not said

Communication is not just words. What you choose to wear can also convey a message.

The tie isn’t just light blue and white. It has Greek flags woven in waves. The king’s father was born into the Greek royal family. So, maybe it’s not so strange with such a tie.

The problem is diplomatic. In the week before the summit, relations between Great Britain and Greece deteriorated sharply. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was in London. The plan was to meet his colleague Rishi Sunak.

That conversation was canceled shortly after Mitsotakis mocked the key year of work between the two countries. More than 200 years ago, British archaeologist Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin, brought many sculptures from Athens to London.

In 1816, the British Parliament concluded that the so-called Elgin Marbles were British property. The Greeks never accepted it. Unexpectedly, Mitsotakis repeated his request to repatriate the art treasures when he visited London.

Sunak responded by canceling the meeting. It sparked a diplomatic crisis. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron called his Greek counterpart Giorgos Gerapetritis to calm the situation.

Light blue signal

Therefore, the British media wonders what the king will say with his choice of tie.

according to Financial Times Greek newspapers are very safe.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is written above the pictures.

“Although King Charles has not taken a position on the matter, many analysts read it as an indirect endorsement,” Kathimerini newspaper wrote.

The king’s advisors at Buckingham Palace tried to calm the speculation. They pointed out that the King had also worn the same tie the week before Sunak insulted Greeks.

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