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King Charles III has pancreatic cancer and the diagnosis is difficult?  American published advanced information – the world

King Charles III has pancreatic cancer and the diagnosis is difficult? American published advanced information – the world

The health of the English Royal Family is at the heart of the world. King Charles III recently announced that he had cancer and that he had already begun treatment, and now Kate told the world, in an emotional video, that she is undergoing chemotherapy after doctors discovered that she had a tumor, following surgery on the abdominal area. Fergie, Carlos's ex-sister-in-law, also has cancer: she has melanoma.

Although the royal family now assumes that both the King and Princess of Wales are facing cancer, no further details have been provided. It has not been announced where Carlos III developed cancer, which is the same situation with Kate. Which leads to a lot of speculation.

Now an American publication, without specifying the sources, has come forward and confirmed the information that Carlos III has pancreatic cancer and that the scenario is very complicated, contrary to what the palace claims it wants us to believe. a 'in touch' He says Carlos has pancreatic cancer and only has two years to live, claiming this is a “not-so-well-kept secret” among the royal family.

Speculation about what's really happening doesn't stop. Both in relation to the King and in relation to Kate. Now that it is known that she has cancer, many are speculating that the situation could be very serious which is why no further details have been provided. One advocate of this theory is doctor Eduardo Barroso, who was “concerned” on CNN Portugal because the location of the tumor had not been revealed: “The abdominal area is very large,” he asserts, and “there are cancers and there are cancers.” They are cancers.

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But a royal specialist recently confirmed that the absence of details about the tumor is intentional, mainly so that speculation, searching on Google and the like does not increase the number of separate information about this or that type of cancer. He stresses that without knowing exactly where the cancer is, this research and speculation will lose some force.

“What I am saying: There is no need to open the door any further. They say that a form of cancer has been found and I personally do not think that you should go further than that and say what kind of cancer it is. I believe that there will be a form of cancer,” Christina Kiriakou said on the programme. Good Morning Britain”: “Once again to get on with this.”

“The problem is that the more information is given, the more people will speculate. The minute they know what type of cancer it is, everyone starts googling and saying this happened to this person and this to the other person, and this is what was happening.” “It will happen. We know that he is sick, that he has cancer and it will be cured,” Kyriakou explains.