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Kisline Maxwell, the perverse slip of a rich heir

Kisline Maxwell, the perverse slip of a rich heir

Great story – The daughter of media chief Robert Maxwell has been appearing since Monday for allegedly being complicit with her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in her room in 2019.

Washington Correspondent

Kislyn Maxwell’s trial, which began Monday in New York, has all the elements of a good TV show: juvenile delinquency, money and celebrities, all of which are experienced with a few conspiracy theories.

But the investigation is not only that this former London and New York socialist, used private jets and luxury apartments, is a member of the small international universe of great luck and politics. She was preceded in death by her ex-boyfriend, boyfriend and boss, Billionaire and sex hunter Jeffrey Epstein, Was hanged on August 10, 2019 in his cell at the Manhattan Prison. The trial of the latter will never take place. Next to Maxwell, however, may be his spirit. The monumental Turkut Martial Court in the center of Manhattan, some blocks from the prison where Epstein died, has already held several popular hearings.

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