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"Kitchen Revolutions" in "Dobre Jadło" in Czeladź.  "Bistro Prosta Kuznia" :: Magazine :: RMF FM after the arrival of Magda Kessler

“Kitchen Revolutions” in “Dobre Jadło” in Czeladź. “Bistro Prosta Kuznia” :: Magazine :: RMF FM after the arrival of Magda Kessler

We read on the Instagram profile of the popular TV show that “this is not easy in Celata”. It’s not without big emotions … Can “kitchen revolutions” be classified as successful? What happens after the program? We explain.

“Of course I’m sure everything will go well”

Celat. This is where, in a city of 30,000 people, they run a restaurant called “Dobre Jato”: 51-year-old Morsada and 59-year-old Marek. Start owners’ own business A friend will persuade them. “Of course, I firmly believed that everything would go well, but it really surpasses us,” explains the head of the institution. He is 59 years old He tries to do his best to do his duty. However, guests are missing, and The tables are very empty. The owner points out that she is her husband Not always making the right decisions. In addition, the woman lives in Obol on a daily basis. Man, in turn, in Czeladź.

Marek has lived in Celadus for 12 years. Our daughter is 12 years old, so our whole life is away from home. I want to get rid of this restaurant, I’m tired. I want to get a place in Obole – We hear in the episode.

However, the owner did not want to give up. Magda Kessler comes to the rescue: “There should be a restaurant that needs my help, there is a banquet hall. Will anyone misunderstand me? ”. The reason for everything Advertising bannerIt hides the identity of “good food”. “How do people get here? No one comes to dine in the banquet hall,” points out the well-known “taste and style creator” throughout Poland. Weakness, nerves and drowsiness. It only means one thing …

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Restaurant Proposes changes. He will appear on the walls Different shades of gray And photos of ingredients important to cooks. The interior design of the restaurant refers to the styling of the kitchen, while at the same time being related to it Home is something familiar and familiar. Elegant cutlery will appear on the tables. The menu should be “essential and simple”: Lead, jacket potatoes, cheese, mayonnaise sauce, thick, sour cream, apples and onions, goulash mousse with potatoes and pickles, potato pancakes and Hungarian goulash. Good Jato here after “Bistro Prosta Kuchnia”.

Let the best cooks, and owners discover what their treasure is – Kessler finally points out.

To campus Coming back after four weeks. Mrs. Zola, the cook, quit her job. Mrs. Natasha appears on the team. The time for final judgment has come:

Simple kitchen, but complex owners. Was delicious.

Looks like “Bistro Prosta Kuchnia” It still worksAnd his The average rating is 4.3 stars basically 11 reviews from Google. The restaurant also runs its Facebook page.