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"Kitchen Revolutions" in the "Calabria" Pizzeria in Allstein.  "Romanian Bistro" :: Magazine :: RMF FM after the arrival of Magda Kessler

“Kitchen Revolutions” in the “Calabria” Pizzeria in Allstein. “Romanian Bistro” :: Magazine :: RMF FM after the arrival of Magda Kessler

“There is a complicated situation” – explains the owner’s mother Ms. Brigitta. Although initially guests flocked to the place, the epidemic changed everything. However, Magda Kessler accepts the challenge. Can she save the restaurant? Will the kitchen revolution succeed? What happens after the program? Below is a summary of the chapter.

“At first it was weird”

Capital of Warmia – Olstein. The city has a population of 150,000. It’s right here They have been running their restaurant for 12 years Owners Monica and Daniel. Despite the large number of tourists in the area, There are no guests on campus. Pizzeria “Calabria” was awarded Incredibly varied menu: Homemade dinners, pasta and sushi too. However, customers did not like the food. “Everyone doubles, triples, and sits in Calabria from morning to night and the effects are not visible. The savings have been completely depleted for a long time, and the debts are increasing month by month, ”we ask in the chapter.

Monica’s mother, Mrs. Brigida, bravely helps the couple. At the same time, he believes it The time has come to finish the business and look for a new job. “It simply came to our notice then. The pizzeria was full of people, ”he added. Epidemic has changed everything. “It has been going on for two years and we tried to introduce other foods, but it didn’t work,” explains Daniela’s fiance. Magda Gessler accepts the challenge:

Pizza, sushi, pasta, sandwiches … and where is my favorite Warmion-Mussoorie dish I came across in Allstein?

It is not without problems And defects. A restaurant known throughout Poland However, it recognizes the possibility. “One has a taste, but a lot of bad habits spoil everything,” he explains. Will the revolution succeed? Long talks, changes and decision making time. “We’ll return to our land, we’ll return to Olstein, we’ll return to where you came from.”

Kessler: “I brought them home from faraway Calabria.”

On the walls: Lakes, forests and ferns. On the menu: quarter romaine lettuce, veal and butter dipped in a decoction and sprinkled with ripening cheese; Hot style onion soup baked with cheese and toast; Casserole in potatoes and fish, so is best locally. Calabria is becoming a vibrant place. It takes color, taste, blush … Romanian Bistro begins to rewrite its history.

I brought them home from faraway Calabria – Comments Kessler.

Four weeks later. The “creator of taste and style” returns to check that nothing has changed for sure. Did the fish win the pizza? The owners seem pleased. Similarly – the guests themselves. Says Magda Kessler The dishes are deliciousAnd a “small Warmia fish embassy” appeared in Olsztyn.

What happens after the program?

Local It still works. Average quality It’s 3.8 stars out of 373 reviews on Google. Rumiane Bistro liked it on Facebook 1,842 users. Restaurant, received based on the opinion of 76 people 3.6 out of 5 Stars.

“Kitchen Revolutions” in Szczucin. Magda Kessler in “Staropolska”. What happens after the program?

Restaurant “Staropolska”. “We were very happy to have such a struggle in our lives. Unfortunately … an epidemic broke out and everything was over,” explains owner Pave. Magda Kessler comes to the rescue. Restaurant …

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