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"Kitchen Revolutions" in Torno.  Magda Kessler went to the rescue

“Kitchen Revolutions” in Torno. Magda Kessler went to the rescue

Heroes of the new episode of “Kitchen Revolutions” Katarzyna and Krzysztof – owners of “Bujani” Pizzeria. Kasia, who graduated from a nutrition technology school, did not hide her keen interest in cooking.

Unfortunately, Pizzeria did not perform well. After changing the premises, the location Began to bring more and more losses to the owners.

This catastrophic situation Mr. It also had an impact on Christophe’s health, as he slowly stopped coping with excessive stress.

Was Magda Kessler able to help the owners? Details below.

“Kitchen Revolutions”. Did “Bujani” impress the menu star of Pizzeria?

During his first visit to “Bujani” Pizzeria, Magda Kessler ordered a trip, casserole and “kabab” pizza.

Both tripod and casserole failed the taste test. The host of the show “Kitchen Revolutions” believed that the second meal was very sweet and not worth the price.

As for the pizzas, things were a little better. The first one star tasted a little.

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Unfortunately, in the case of “kabab” pizza, Magda Kessler did not leave out the bitter words.

“Kitchen Revolutions”. Mr. Krzysztof struggled with depression

During the conversation with the editor of “Kitchen Revolutions”, the owners were very stressed. Mr. said the tense situation had strongly affected his well-being. Christophe did not hide. Kasia is very worried about her husband.

Fortunately, after a short walk, Mr. Krzysztof felt very well and was able to continue the conversation.

One of Magda Kessler’s reservations is the mess in the back room. The condition of the kitchen surprised even the owners.

Doubts were also raised about the expiration date of the cheese and previously sliced ​​cucumbers.

After listening to the most important ideas, the film crew went to work.

Photo: Screen of the “Kitchen Revolutions” (TVN) project

Conversation with the owners of Magda Kessler

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“Kitchen Revolutions”. Time for change

“Kitchen Revolutions” presenter “Bujani” announced the transformation of Pizzeria into “Vino I żarełko u Bujak”. Henceforth, the interior resembled a cellar filled with wine barrels.

Photo: Screen of the “Kitchen Revolutions” (TVN) project

Location after transformation

The owners were very excited about the changes proposed by the star.

The fresh menu includes many original flavor combinations such as pizza with fried apples and nuts.

The delicious dinner attracted all the guests and was very successful.

Photo: Screen of the “Kitchen Revolutions” (TVN) project

Magda Kessler returns to the restaurant

The return of Magda Kessler was equally satisfying. The star ordered tripe, cheese pizza, beetroot and liver. It is clear that the work of the owners brought the desired results.

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