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“KKR's idea is to maintain the business plan”

“KKR's idea is to maintain the business plan”

Ana Fernandes, of Greenvolt, reported today that KKR hopes to obtain the necessary regulatory licenses for OPA by the end of May.

“KKR's idea is to maintain the team, maintain the business plan. We believe that this will make us grow stronger and faster in the near future. This was the message conveyed today by Ana Fernandez, responsible for investor relations at Greenvolt.

This came during the announcement of the results of the issuance of green bonds worth 100 million euros.

Ana Fernandez noted that KKR has already announced that it hopes to obtain the necessary regulatory licenses in several countries by the end of May.

On the other hand, he also noted that the CMVM has appointed an auditor to evaluate the price, and he has 30 working days to comment. If EY deems the offered price of €8.30 per share to be low, KKR may decide to withdraw the offer or not.

Meanwhile, he noted that Greenvolt's board of directors has already given the green light to the operation.

When asked what questions Greenvolt investors have about the OPA, she revealed the most common questions: “What is the status of the process? They ask us about the calendar; Then some try to understand what other investors think about this process; What does KKR expect from this offer? We say they trust our company's strategy.”

Greenvolt raised €100 million in a green debt issue, which was subscribed by 2,914 retail investors.

This was the company's second issuance intended for small investors.

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Demand exceeded supply by 112%, for the issue, which guarantees a total annual interest rate of 4.65%.

The company adjusted the issuance from 75 million to 100 million euros following the registered demand.

The company said in a statement: “During the offer period, which extended between January 29 and February 9, 2024, a total order of 111.58 million euros was registered, i.e. 12% higher than the revised target of obtaining 100 million euros from this operation.” today.

“The Greenvolt 2029 Green Bonds offer a total annual interest rate of 4.65%, with interest payments to be made every six months following the offer settlement date, February 14, 2024, the day on which it will be admitted to trading on the Euronext Lisbon exchange. Interest will be credited to investors’ accounts On February 14 and August 14 of each year, until the maturity date in February 2029, according to the company.

This financing will allow the company to “accelerate, in a sustainable way, its growth strategy, which is entirely focused on renewable energy, and based on three main sectors: sustainable biomass, large-scale renewable energy projects and distributed generation.”