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Klopp loses his temper with a journalist: If you tell a joke, you are completely ignorant – Liverpool

Klopp loses his temper with a journalist: If you tell a joke, you are completely ignorant – Liverpool

A question about the match with Crystal Palace left the Liverpool coach very angry

• Photo: Reuters

Jurgen Klopp lost his temper with the Amazon journalist at the end of yesterday’s match against Sheffield United, which Liverpool won 1-1. 2-0. The reporter wanted to make a joke, but the German coach didn’t like it and called him “ignorant.”

There was a question about the time of Saturday’s game for the Reds, who face Crystal Palace at 12.30pm. Marcus Buckland, presenter, said: “He had to change his team, after those Europa League games, and now he has to visit Crystal Palace, at his favorite time of the weekend…”

Klopp looked at the journalist with a wry look and was clearly annoyed. “It’s good, it’s really good to make a joke about it,” he said sarcastically.

Buckland tried to salvage the situation: “He still has the passion, he still enjoys it. It’s constant, day in and day out.”

But nothing could “tame” the German anymore. “Yes, now we’ll go home, I don’t know when we get there, maybe around one in the morning, and then we’ll play again. We have two training sessions tomorrow. [hoje] And on Friday. It’s good to recover and play again. Crystal Palace will play tonight, that’s okay. But I realize you don’t understand that either, even though you work in football, so I’ll try to explain it to you again. If you make a joke about this topic then you are completely ignorant. But it’s good football and good entertainment. All is well.”

The journalist tried to calm the coach again, who spoke calmly, but he was unable to hide his annoyance. “This topic has been brought up, and I’m not trying to be rude.”

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But Klopp did not forgive him: “I’m gone!”, said the German. “Okay, my apologies, Jurgen,” Buckland replied.

The coach continued: “You can say what you want, but I cannot, because that would be different.”

The journalist wanted to end the interview by wishing Liverpool a lot of success in Saturday’s match, but Klopp added: “I will say that to Crystal Palace as well! Thank you very much.”

He hurriedly greeted those present, threw the microphone on the table and left.

Written by Isabelle Dantas


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