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“Knowing the truth between four walls”: Ruben da Cruz Responds to Accusations of Treason – A Verveer

Felipe Falcao’s infidelity has sparked other controversial accusations.

02/26/2023 • 01:30 AM
Vanessa Fidalgo

More than 24 hours later, Rúben da Cruz responded to the controversies that surrounded him, as his partner and mother, Filipa Falcão, revealed an alleged infidelity by the DJ on social networks. Since then, other women have come forward to accuse him, such as influencer Maria Batista, who says she was harassed by the businessman, and actress Sofia Ribeiro, with whom she allegedly had an abusive relationship.

He is “fully aware of his actions,” Ruben da Cruz wrote in a statement posted on Instagram: “The past year has been challenging on a personal level. I truly understand what happens between four walls, and I hope it will remain so within four walls. For my son, I choose to maintain My private life is like this: privacy. This is how I intend to continue to do so and I thank you with the same respect,” he wrote. Saying he “was the target of hateful comments questioning my good hearing,” Ruben Da Cruz attempted to explain what happened: “In the early hours of Friday, the day I lost access to my cell phone and, consequently, my social networks and contacts All posts made during that period were not authored by me or with my consent,” he revealed, without ever denying the betrayal.

Filipa Falcão also responded, online, to these statements, denying that she had denied the son’s father access to the cell phone, that it was in the couple’s house, and that if the owner did not receive it “it is because he did not want”. She also says that she is “also aware” of her actions and that her year is also a “challenge” because she was a mother and ended up finding out she was betrayed several times.

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