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Kongsberg, Outenrix |  American Terror Watch:

Kongsberg, Outenrix | American Terror Watch:

US Terror Watch claims that both far-right terrorists and jihadists have previously encouraged their supporters to use bows as weapons in terrorist acts.

A 37-year-old Danish citizen was arrested and charged with murder in Kongsberg on Wednesday evening. Five people were killed and two injured. It was previously known that the perpetrator used a bow and arrow or crossbow in the attack. Police now confirm that other types of weapons have also been used, without going into more detail about the other types of weapons involved.

On Thursday morning, the police confirmed that they had received reports of concern about Islamic extremism by 2020, and the possibility that the Danish citizen had converted to Islam.

The police stated that it was normal to assess whether the events in Kongsberg was an act of terrorism.

Encourage the use of bow and arrow

Rita Katz is the director of the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors and analyzes terrorist activity on the Internet. She wrote in a Twitter message late Wednesday night that far-right and jihadist groups had previously encouraged attacks with bows as weapons.

The motive remains unclear. Both jihadist terrorists and far-right terrorists encouraged archery attacks (mainly crossbows and more often by right-wing extremists). But such incidents are very rare in the long list of attack tactics they promote.” Notices.

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– He’s never seen anything like him

A leading terrorist expert in the Nordic region says he has never heard of terrorist attacks where a bow and arrow or a crossbow have been used.

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– That’s very unusual. I have been working in the field of terrorism for 30 years. We look at all the events that took place all these years chronologically, and I don’t remember any terrorist attacks that were carried out with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. It is too early to say whether this could be a terrorist attack. Then one must know the perpetrator’s background and motive as to why it was carried out in this way. This may also be related to psychological problems, Swedish Defense Academy terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp tells Nettavisen early Thursday morning.

I have never seen any encouragement to use a bow and arrow in terrorist attacks. He adds that the choice of bow and arrow may also have something to do with the fact that firearms are generally difficult to obtain in Norway.

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The head of the Norwegian Archery Association said of the Kongsberg incident: – Most likely someone outside the environment

Australian terror plot with bow and arrow

In Australia, there was a case of a terrorist plot where a bow and arrow may have been planned to be used in an act of terrorism. The terrorist plot was exposed by the Australian Counter-Terrorism Police in 2014.

Agim Kruze was later sentenced to 17 years in prison in 2018 for his plans to commit a terrorist attack, the Australian writes. News letters. Attorney General Lincoln Crowley said at the time that Crousey was planning to kill random innocent people in a public place, eventually martyring in the attack.

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Croze had a large armory at his home in Logan, Brisbane, consisting of shotguns, machetes, and a bow and arrow, as well as equipment such as a petrol can and bottles for making Molotov cocktails. Kruezi’s computer contained two videos of him shooting a bow and arrow at a Styrofoam flash, as well as instructions on how to perform a decapitation.

Crozey had initially planned to travel to Syria in 2014 to enlist as a foreigner, but the plans failed when Australian authorities confiscated his passport. Crowezi used the saved money to plan a terrorist attack on Australian soil.

The online newspaper repeatedly tried to contact the site’s administrator, Rita Katz, on Wednesday night, but was unsuccessful in obtaining comment.

Threat Assessment in 2021

open PST

Threat assessment

He considered that it was possible to carry out an attempt to carry out terrorist acts in Norway during the year 2021.

“Radical Islamic extremism and right-wing extremism are still expected to pose the biggest terrorist threats against Norway. Both radical Islamists and right-wing extremists are likely to attempt terrorist acts in Norway in the next year.”

“The threat from radical Islamists is considered intense. The reason for this is the growing tension between freedom of expression and what many Muslims are exposed to as a violation of Islam. Some can serve as inspiration for plotting terrorism,” writes PST.

Norway’s current threat level is set to Moderate, which is Level 3 on a scale of 5. This means that the probability of exposure to terrorism in Norway is minimal.

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