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Korea - Sentenced to death for "squid game"

Korea – Sentenced to death for “squid game”

The Netflix series “Squid Game” has become very popular in a short time.

In October, South Korean series became the most-watched service of all time, with 142 million households watching, according to Netflix’s own numbers. Entertaining site writes final date.

One of the characters in “Squid Game” is a North Korean refugee.

Now the series is also said to have reached the country, where a man was said to have been sentenced to death for smuggling and selling copies of it.

This was reported by Radio Free Asia (RFA), based on reports from a source inside North Korea. RFA is a private, non-profit news organization funded by the United States government.

They provide editorially independent content, with the goal of providing accurate and uncensored news to countries in Asia.

The case was also mentioned by the funding site Forbesnet film Endeavor And the entertainment site diverse, For example but not limited to.

It is said that the North Korean authorities implemented a new law last year, aimed at eliminating “reactionary ideas and culture”.

The law will allow for the death penalty if “capital media” is viewed, retained, or distributed — and applies in particular to content from South Korea and the United States, according to the RFA.

7 students arrested

The sources are said to have told RFA that the North Korean authorities surprised seven high school students while they were watching the “squid game”.

North Korean police officers also confirm the RFA.

common: The Netflix series Squid Game has captured viewers and is set to become the most streamed series. Video: Netflix. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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– They were taken by 109 Sangmu oversight workers, who received information, a police source informed the site. He refers to the authorities’ “Surveillance Bureau Group 109” that specializes in filming people who watch illegal videos.

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The person to be arrested for smuggling must have obtained a copy of the series in China, and then smuggled it across the border. The person must have sold memory cards containing copies of the series.

Sentenced to death

According to Radio Free Asia sources, the person was sentenced to death by the execution platoon, which is execution by firing squad, often carried out by a number of military personnel.

It is said that one of the students who bought a copy of the series was sentenced to life imprisonment. The other six who watched the series are said to have been sentenced to five years in prison.

Removal: Netflix should censor this scene in “Squid Game” after calling the number on the card more than 4,000 times. Video: Netflix
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The arrest of the seven students will be the first time authorities have applied the new law in a case involving a minor, which a police source must have informed the site.


Both the teachers and the school administration were dismissed and, according to RFA sources, they were banished from working in the remote mines.

Last week the first copies of the “Squid Game” began appearing in North Korea, in the form of split copies on memory cards and SD cards, according to Radio Free Asia.

According to an article published in Washington Post In August 2019, North Korean authorities deemed certain South Korean media to be dangerous because they encourage people to flee the country.

Both K-pop and American pop music have played an important role in undermining North Korean propaganda, according to the US newspaper.

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