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Kozalin.  Viaduct collided with the car.  The lawyer will hear the case [WIDEO]

Kozalin. Viaduct collided with the car. The lawyer will hear the case [WIDEO]

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A section of the 16-year-old collapsed in Kozalin on Maste Casino Avenue after Thursday. Part of the building collapsed on Batalionev Chopskich Street and was completely blocked. Part of the bridge was smashed by a car parked under it. No one was injured, a spokesman for the provincial commander of the state fire service in Szczecin confirmed in an interview with Capt. Thomas Kubiak PAP. TVN24.

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Firefighters, police and a building supervisor arrived at the scene. A press conference on the construction disaster was held at the Kozulin Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. Before that, a crisis group had convened. – We made every effort to ensure that it was safe. “Unfortunately, we do not anticipate such a situation,” said Marcin Sebaboski, deputy director of the Roads and Transport Authority in Kozulin. One.

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Summary of Viactin in Kozalin. Watch the video from the construction disaster site

The crash was recorded by one of the Internet users. This video was shared by others on the fan page Zachodniopomorskie Accidents and Fire.

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Kozalisky’s voice“The lawyer said he was working with the intent to bring about a catastrophic threat to the lives or health of many people. The viaduct service was discontinued in March last year because of the structure. Risk of collapse.

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