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KPMG reinforces commitment to quantum computing by partnering with IBM – Human Resources

KPMG reinforces commitment to quantum computing by partnering with IBM – Human Resources

KPMG’s network of companies joins the IBM Quantum Network with the goal of further expanding its services in the field of quantum computing, as well as the opportunities that will arise for professionals and to help solve challenges in various business sectors.

In the IBM Quantum Network, KPMG companies will have access to a strong set of technological and human resources, i.e. access to the cloud, which gives access to the global scope of IBM’s quantum computing systems, as well as specialized software tools, and the skills of its human resources.

The result of this partnership, now strengthened, will be the development of the resources of KPMG professionals who will better serve their clients with high-level technical solutions.

“We are very excited to be joining the IBM Quantum Network. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize many sectors, and with this partnership we will be at the forefront of this technology,” comments Pedro Pinedo, innovation partner at KPMG Portugal.

“IBM is a strong and reliable partner made up of excellent professionals and at KPMG, one of our mottoes is to anticipate our customers’ needs. He adds that combining this with quantum computing, which is one of the foundations of future technology, puts us alongside the best, oriented towards the future.

In addition, “the goal is also to allow KPMG companies to drive innovation further and explore opportunities of greatest value for customers through quantum computing, in addition to exploiting the speed of this technology, to improve other services, such as machine learning and AI generation.”

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“IBM has a long history of innovation and advancement in quantum technology, with decades of research and development in quantum computing,” said Aparna Prabhakar, Vice President, IBM Quantum Ecosystem.

“The fact that KPMG is now part of the IBM Quantum Network represents a historic milestone in this now expanded relationship. KPMG’s deep knowledge and commitment to providing innovative solutions, combined with IBM’s ongoing developments in quantum computing, provides an exceptional opportunity to explore applications in this field. technology.”