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Kremlin-backed media promotes holidays in North Korea: – Beautiful beaches

Kremlin-backed media promotes holidays in North Korea: – Beautiful beaches

Francis Scarr, who specializes in Russian media analysis for BBC News, shared a clip of the video X from a special program broadcast on a Russian state-run television channel, in which Russians talk enthusiastically about their visits to North Korea.

Russia and North Korea have long been allies, and relations have strengthened in recent years. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has offered his “full and unconditional support” for Russia's war in Ukraine, and the United States has accused Kim Jong Un of supplying weapons to Russian President Vladimir Putin's armed forces.

“Russian state television is now showing reports praising the wonders of tourism in North Korea,” Scar wrote in his post.

He adds: “Russian visitors interviewed for this article describe ‘fantastic’ skiing and ‘fantastic’ beaches.”

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Vacation not recommended

The video accompanying the post was broadcast on Russia-1 channel, and shows Russians enjoying winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding and snowboarding.

Eventually the film cuts to a drive through the city and ends with a reporter interviewing a Russian-speaking person on a North Korean beach.

Although North Korea appears to welcome Russian visitors, it does not encourage them Ministry of Foreign Affairs In Norway, he “travels to and stays in North Korea on a non-essential basis.”

The established plan

Those who make the trip there must take a guided tour with the country's authorities. Independent travel is not permitted in the country, and visitors must book guided tours from North Korea's Ministry of Tourism.

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It may be Putin's political ties with Kim Jong Un that have led to North Korea being referred to in positive terms in Kremlin-backed media. Newsweek. An example of this was when Russia's state broadcaster this month praised North Korea for threatening to use nuclear weapons against the United States.

For North Korea, independence is an absolute value, and they are willing to do anything for it, including turning the entire world into dust. That is, when Kim Jong Un said, while Trump was still president, if you move your aircraft carriers toward the coast of North Korea, we will bomb you with nuclear bombs.