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Kristen Ormeier-Widner may be the next head of TAP

Kristen Ormeier-Widner may be the next head of TAP

The names of TAP’s next management must be chosen by the next 10th, prior to the company’s general meeting (24 June), and Kristen Ormeier-Widner could be the airline’s next CEO.

The French director already has experience with an airline and in the transport and infrastructure sector, but is also considered a specialist in transformation and restructuring processes. Information about the selection was provided by “Eco”.

Christine Ormeyer-Widner was CEO of Flybe Group, a European regional airline, which has since been sold and is expected to return to business later this year, but has also passed through Air France/KLM.

The Ministry of Infrastructure did not comment on the possible decision. Minister Pedro Nuno Santos had already admitted that the selection would include an international director.

The minister wants the European Commission to approve the company’s restructuring plan before the general meeting, a plan that expects to inject up to 3.75 billion euros, a figure already at 1.2 billion last year and another thousand million for this year.

The next board of directors should keep the names of Miguel Frasquilo and Ramiro Sequeira and will have an element chosen by workers.

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