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Kristen Stewart is engaged!  Actress Marries Girlfriend Dylan Mayer

Kristen Stewart is engaged! Actress Marries Girlfriend Dylan Mayer

Although they met in 2015, it was only two years ago that he was the protagonist in the movie Spencer and Guionista Dylan Mayer Start with history.

“Let’s get married, let’s really do it,” Stewart said during the show. “I wanted it to be suggested and I got it right.”

The actress did not reveal more details about the marriage proposal, but added that “with two girls you never know who I will fulfill this offer. Ridiculous sex roleHe said, referring to the tradition of a man asking a woman to marry him. It was very nice“.

Stewart, 31, and Meyer, 33, were first seen together in August 2019, and finally made the relationship official a few months later, in November, when the screenwriter posted a photo of the couple kissing.

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certificate. “It is shocking to realize that taking off condoms without consent is a violation.”

Still in 2019 actress in saga twilight He had already remarked to Howard Stern that he couldn’t wait to ask his girlfriend to marry him, even though he admitted he should be “rational about it.”

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Today, Kristen Stewart Suppose your frankness gender identity. However, there were times when I felt the need for more “caution” Their relationship, as he admitted in an interview on the magazine’s website in styleAnd In October 2020. “Maybe there were things that hurt the people I was with. Not because I was ashamed to be openly gay but because I didn’t want to indulge in generalSomehow “.

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Even in my previous relationships that were of different sexesWe did everything so that we wouldn’t be photographed doing things – things that would never be ours. So I think the extra pressure to represent a group of people, to represent anomalyIt wasn’t something I understood at the time. Only now I understand that.”