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Krzysztof Lijewski: Barca will come to us, eager for a rematch

FC Barcelona lost to Lomsa Viv Keells 30:32 in the last match of the Champions League.

Łomża Vive Kielce’s handball players will face Spanish Barca in their own hall on Wednesday in the eighth round of the Champions League, which they defeated a week ago (32:30). – The toughest match awaits us, the opponent will come to us with double motivation and enthusiasm for the rematch – said Keelz’s second coach Christoph Liezhevsky.

Six years later, the Keells team again beat Palau Blujkran in Barcelona, ​​defeating the Spanish champions 32:30. Before Thursday’s meeting, Tałant Duyshebaev’s players scored three points more than the trophy defender.

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– The competitor will come to us with double motivation and enthusiasm for rematch. We have made the fans very excited with our recent success. Because we play at home, whoever comes to us can always think about winning. The European champion is coming to us – Talanda Duisheba’s aide insisted. He added that his team faced a very difficult task.

– We have the power to fight everyone equally. But Barcelona are not accustomed to defeat, certainly not two games in a row. We missed their Jubilee 500th match at the European Cups. Now they will be very mobilized – Lijewski stressed. He noted that despite the Kielce team winning against the Spanish champions, they made a mistake in this match.

– In some places we had idle time. We played with long pieces in a nice, decisive rhythm. However, at times, uncertainty pervades our actions and we kick too fast or pass the ball into the opponent’s hands. You need to be more calm. “Barcelona can take advantage of every mistake of their rivals,” he warned.

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– It may be a tougher match than it was a week ago, but there will be fan support behind us. With their help, we can beat the Spanish champion for the second time – said Lomza Viv Keels quarterback of Igor Karasik.

The Polish champions are top of Group B with 12 points, ahead of the Catalan capital by three points. Wednesday meeting will start at Kielce at 18.45.


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