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La Jornada – Djokovic defeats Medvedev to ninth title at Australian Open

Melbourne. Within two hours, Novak Djokovic defeated Daniel Medvedev 7-5, 6-2, 6-2 to win his race against a stomach injury and finish 18th. Grand Slam And ninth title at the Australian Open.

“These two weeks have been a roller coaster for me,” admitted the world’s number one Serbian. “Rod Laver Arena, I love you more and more every year. The love story continues, “he told an audience of about 7,400.

“From an emotional point of view, everything that happened on the court, my injury and outside, the isolation, it was undoubtedly a match. Grand Slam It’s more complicated than I played, “Djokovic admitted.

“I have a lot of mixed feelings about what happened last month with the tennis players who came to Australia, but I think it’s a successful match. I think it’s not easy, I think they should be proud of themselves for what they have achieved,” he added.

There are two crowns from combining 33-year-old Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal of Belgrade in the big tournament.

“We’re talking Seaborks Tennis, in the best sense of the word. They are simply unbelievable and I am not ashamed to say so, “Medvedev said of the elements of the call. The big three.

“Daniel is one of the toughest players I’ve ever played. Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before you lift a trophy. Grand Slam. But I want you to wait a few more years, ”Djokovic smiled at the Russian at the awards ceremony.

Medvedev suffered a defeat in his second final Is large After the 2019 US Open, a series of 20 consecutive wins interrupted. Today he is third in the ATP rankings behind Natal.

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He is believed to be the first Russian to win Melbourne since Marat Safin in 2005. That year, his teammate won the first round of a 17-year-old Australian debut: Novak Djokovic.

Fantastic service

Very slowly at the start of the game, Medvedev soon trailed 3-0. He managed to tie the game at three, but dropped his service at 7-5. He no longer threatened against an enemy who used his excellent service and his usual excellence.

With ninth title in several finals in Melbourne, Djokovic is history Grand Slam Australian. He is still a long way from Natalie’s 13 Championships at Roland Garros, but he has already surpassed Federer’s eight on the grass at Wimbledon.

16 years later, the Serbian has signed on for his second Australian trep. The other two tennis players have won at least three consecutive titles in Melbourne: Jack Crawford (1931-1933) and Roy Emerson, who won five matches from 1963 to 1967.

“I was in dire need of this win, after the disappointment US Open (Disqualified for hitting a ball involuntarily in the 16th round) and his poor end at Roland Karros (surpassed by Nadal), it was not easy, ”said his coach Ko-run Ivanisevic.

(Abdominal injury) Success is even sweeter after the emotions and suffering caused. They criticize him for everything, once again showing how strong he is mentally. There are those who can bear the pain, but not others, “said the former Croatian tennis player.