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La Liga lawyer Juan Franco Mbabane has called for the deal to be rescinded

La Liga lawyer Juan Franco Mbabane has called for the deal to be rescinded

Considering the injuries to Real Madrid and Spanish football, the Iberian League is ready for a counter-attack after Kylian Mbabane has been extended to PSG.

Wants to hear from the Spanish Football League (Liga) “Termination of (Kylian) Embape contract” And his lawyer in France, Juan Franco, promised on Friday that he would like to see Paris Saint-Germain prosecuted before European authorities.

The “entry point” for “graduated” practices targeting PSG is “the legitimacy of Mbappé’s contract”.During a press conference, the lawyer explained: “The LFP should never have reviewed this agreement. The DNCG (…) should have noted that PSG violated the rules of financially fair play at the national and European levels.”.

Franco wants to hear me “Termination of Mbabane’s agreement with Sports Minister”Then maybe file a “Appeal to the LFP to contact the DNCG (National Directorate of Control and Management) for an opportunity control” PSG Accounts. Finally, he promised that if the previous proceedings were not successful, he would want to act before the Executive Court of Paris.

If these national solutions do not yield results, the lawyer promised that he would intervene at the European level “Ask the European Commission to intervene to reconcile the rules”Or initiate “a formal procedure for abusing a hegemonic position” and finally, at the end of the process, launch an attack before the European Court of Justice.

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“It is clear to everyone that PSG is operating outside the rules, including fraudulent maneuvers.”The lawyer recalled that PSG had also attacked La Liga in front of UEFA Manchester City, another European club based in the United Arab Emirates of Qatar.

He explained that it was La Liga’s will that triggered these cases “Redefining the Rules for the Most Virtuous Ecosystem”. La Liga blames PSG“Current funding continues to violate fair game rules” Founded by UEFA and the sport and economic competition is unbalanced. Javier DePas, president of La Liga, has been a vocal critic of state-backed clubs.

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