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Lady Gaga sitter dog attack: - New information on shooting drama

Lady Gaga sitter dog attack: – New information on shooting drama

At the end of February it was Lady Gagas (35) attacked the dog sitter, Ryan Fisher During the broadcast of the three dogs of the pop star.

The police have so far brought charges against five people in the case.

Writes ABC News, Referring to a press release issued by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police: That was the motive

Three of the people are accused of robbery and attempted murder, and are related to the case in which Gaga’s dog sitter was shot and robbed.

Police said the other two took part after the attack. It is not known how the five will respond to this accusation.

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Police believe the motive behind the crime is the value of Gaga’s dogs, and they don’t think Fisher was attacked because he worked with the pop star.

to me Sky News Police believe the accused was not aware that the dogs had a known owner.

“Blood is flowing”

In late February, Fisher was attacked by two people who shot him four times in the chest. Then they fled and disappeared. The suspected perpetrators also kidnapped two of Gaga’s dogs, Koji and Gustavo.

The dog sitter was discharged from the hospital shortly after his injury.

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“Four days ago, as the car was driving away and my blood was dripping from my bullet wound, an angel ran towards me and lay next to my body. The screams of panic subsided as I looked at her, despite the fact that I noticed that the blood pooling around her small body was from my body,” Fisher wrote From a hospital bed.

get ready

The two dogs that were robbed had recovered two days after the attack. They were then taken to a police station by a person now accused in the case, according to media.

ABC News quoted the police as saying that the accused woman was not initially connected to the incident, but that the police now believe she participated after the kidnapping.

Lady Gaga has yet to comment on the charges.

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