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Laetitia Casta recalls her first horrific encounter with Yves Saint Laurent’s

This Monday, January 10th day by day At the DMC, Leticia Costa recalls her terrible first encounter with the Saint Laurent team. Then at the age of 15, he experienced hurtful comments about his physique.

Laetitia Casta has had a string of successes throughout her impressive career, ranging from the Museum of Star Model and Best Costume Designer to the most acclaimed acclaimed actress in the industry. Yet, because of his distinctive profile, the beautiful Corsican often finds it difficult to find his place in the fashion world and cinema. In her debut in Seventh Art, the former best model has thus met with many and very harsh criticisms. “Well, she’s a model, she wants to be an actress… but she does not even know how to act. So that started some. Other directors also wanted to change him physically. A week ago, the actress revealed Telerama Said Claude GD to file his teeth.

A body that explodes and disintegrates

But cinema is not the only media that does not accept the bodybuilding that is estimated to be different from Ladichia Costa. Guest day by day This Monday, January 10th, said Louise Carroll’s comrade The hurtful comments he received when he started modeling collided with his delicious shapes with the thin principle suggested in the catwalks.. “In the fashion world, I’m not in terms. I did not ask for anything! I came up with what I had, I thought it was so good. At the time, something had to be secured. It was not. I planned, but I secured it.” First explained the mother of four children.

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“But how are we going to dress this up?”

Leticia Costa recalls her first horrific encounter with the Yves Saint Laurent group. If the famous top has long been the museum of the late designer, his first experience with the famous fashion house is far from a good memory. It reveals: “They looked at me and said: ‘But how are we going to dress this up?’A note while she was in the room: “I was there, in front of me. But they did not know I was French.”. A memory that she still could not digest. “Ah, that! What is that?” She continues to be angry even after decades. However, despite his young age, there is no question of giving up: “I remember very well, I was 15 and a half years old, and I told them: ‘I will never go to this bad place again. I’m not going anymore! ” When Yves Saint Laurent, who was not there, asked to see her again two years later, the young model was adamant: “Aw, no, no, I’m not going!” Pushed to accept, she agrees, but imposes her terms : “I went there, but I told them: ‘Okay, but I will not put on a white blouse, I have a bun and I do not want lipstick’“. The tone of the great Couture teams changes completely and they bow to his will: “Mr. Because Saint Laurent wanted to see me, they replied: ‘Yes, it’s okay, no problem’“. There, the magic works: “I came, he was in front of me, there, my heart started beating so hard. It’s a beautiful love story that started within us.”

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