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Lalika.  Real Madrid beat Real Betis

Lalika. Real Madrid beat Real Betis

Real Madrid wanted to recover from the setback of the previous game because they lost the first points this season and drew 3-3 with Levante. On Saturday the Kings faced a local bet in Seville. The hosts have not been defeated yet – they recorded two tracks.

In the last league match Carlo Ancelotti made some changes and Eden Hazard and Lucas Vasquez sat on the bench. However, the Real Madrid coach’s plan in the first half did not go as he had hoped. Bettis imposed very harsh conditions on his opponents, and Thibaut Courtois must be careful.

Nabil Fekir was particularly dangerous in the host team who forced the Real Madrid goalkeeper to intervene with a big shot in the 11th minute. From the Kings’ side, Isco was very close to the goal. The Spaniards hit from a distance in the 38th minute, but were next to the post. Real Betis players misjudged Madrid’s attack and found four yellow cards in the first half.

After the break, the picture of the game did not change. It still boils on the pitch and sometimes it can be very hard. In the 53rd minute, Karim Benzema scored on the net, but he was in an offside position and the referee correctly dismissed the goal. When Casimiro hit the opponent with a slide in the 58th minute it became very lively on the stand, but … he cut to the midfield. The referee – thankfully for the football player – greeted everything with a smile.

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The improvement came in the 61st minute. Karim Benzema passed from the side of the field and Danny Carvajal finished the action with a beautiful shot. Hosts may still regret wasting a great opportunity before this action.

Real Betis tried to make up for the losses, but the Madrid team successfully defended themselves as the rivals began their action. In the last move, the hosts had a “match ball” but the real goalkeeper showed an excellent intervention. The Royals won their second game of the season and were promoted to captain of the Spanish La Liga.

In previous matches, Zelda Vigo lost 1-0 to Athletic Bilbao, while Else defeated Sevilla 1-1 and Real Sociedad 1-0 at home.

Real Betis – Real Madrid 0: 1 (0: 0)

Goals: Carvajal (61)

Yellow Cards: Fekir, Pezzella, Canales, Ruibal, Montoya – Gutierrez, Hazard, Casemiro

Real Betis: Rui Silva – Martin Montoya, German Pessella, Victor Ruiz, Juan Miranda – Guido Rodriguez, Andres Carta (70. Victor Camaraza) – Aiter Ruipal (70. Christian Dello), Sergio Connell (77. Joaquin) ) Borja Iglesias)

Real Madrid: Thibaut Courtois – Danny Carvajal, Eder Milito, David Alaba, Miguel Gutierrez (83. Rodrigo) – Fed Valverde, Casemiro, Isco (66. Lucas Vasquez) – Gareth Bale (66. Marco Ascenzio), v. , Kareem Benzema

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