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Landline: The numbers in Portugal are bigger than you think

Landline: The numbers in Portugal are bigger than you think

Portuguese households continue to show a marked preference for landlines, with a penetration rate exceeding 97% in private households. This data, revealed by a recent study conducted by ANACOM, highlights a consistent trend in fixed telephone service (FTS) uptake. This has continued to grow even with the advent of smartphones and mobile technologies.

The ANACOM report highlights that the number of main telephone lines has reached approximately 5.5 million. This reveals a modest growth of 1.6% compared to the previous year. This increase is mainly due to growth in access via fiber optic networks and cable television. This reinforces the importance of these technologies in expanding the scope of fixed telephone services in Portugal.

Accesses supported by new generation networks, including FTTH, cable TV networks and fixed-site mobile networks, now account for 91.5% of total mobile accesses. This is also a significant increase compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, analog accesses suffered a 25.5% decline, reflecting a clear shift to more advanced technologies.

An interesting fact from the report is the sharp decline in the number of payphones and the traffic generated by them. This phenomenon is a clear indication of the change in communication habits among the Portuguese. They are increasingly choosing to make calls via mobile phones and other forms of communication over the Internet.

MEO drives customers through landlines

In the competitive scenario, MEO continues to lead with 41.7% direct access customer share, followed by Grupo NOS, Vodafone and NOWO. There is little variation in market shares between these operators, reflecting the competitive dynamics of the sector in Portugal.

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This overview of fixed telephone service in Portugal shows a sector that is constantly adapting, influenced by technology and changes in consumption patterns. The spread of fixed-line telephone, despite digital alternatives, highlights its continuing importance in Portuguese society.

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