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Ląsk Wrocław - Lechia Gdańsk 10/04/2021 White and greens are not satisfied after the draw, Tomas Magovsky with a premiere goal [zdjęcia]

Ląsk Wrocław – Lechia Gdańsk 10/04/2021 White and greens are not satisfied after the draw, Tomas Magovsky with a premiere goal [zdjęcia]

Lechia Vrogo was level at 1: 1, and the loss to third-seeded Rogo increased to three points. It should also be remembered that the team from Chestnut still has a match.

Coach, Pyotr Stokovic, hired Magiz Kajos on the bench, and Jarosva Kubiki jumped on the team to replace him. In the middle of the field, he formed a trio with youngsters John Bekassky and Tomas Makowski. The competition had an idea for whites and greens, and they entered it well. Initially, ukasz Zwoliński fired a dangerous shot from a distance. However, in this area of ​​the game, Gdańsk’s players made several mistakes in defense and Silesia reached the goal situations. The hosts took the lead in the 7th minute because Christophe Mexiski tried to shoot the ball badly but the ball went to Eric Exposito, who dropped it close to Dusan Kuziak. Christers Dobers behaved badly in this situation because he not only failed to defend the Silesia striker, but also broke the offside fort. Silesia had more chances and could have followed the blow, but Lesia was very lucky. In the 19th minute, Exposito took a strong shot, but he hit the crossbar and then lost the fight with Voltaire Sopoda Kuciak. This was not an end because in a good situation Exposito hit the top of the goal from the first ball and then Cusiak kept his class back with a Matteo Presselic shot. Silesia wanted to score the second goal, while Lecia equalized. In the 34th minute the whites and greens put a great pressure in front of the hosts’ penalty area and the whole situation was lost to the experienced Sopoto, who found himself in a clear situation with the way he played the ball and beat Mike with a confident shot by Sromnik. This The first goal Makowski in the league. Before the break Silesia tried to take the lead. Cusiak may have caught the ball when Tobers directed it towards his own goal, and in the 44th minute the final Patrick Janic sent the ball from six meters above the crossbar.

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In the second half, the picture of the game changed. Silesia did not play so aggressively, only Lesia had the best chances to get the full points. This time there were a lot of fights in the middle of the field and actions close to the goal did not bring clean shooting conditions for both teams. Only in the end did Zwoliski have two match balls. First he took the ball, he created the situation himself, but he did not defeat Sromnik. Then, Flavio Pyksov crossed, and Svoliasky, alone in front of the Silesian goalkeeper, hit the ball badly and sent it over the goal.

– This is a pity because I am hungry for goals. I have to take advantage of situations like this. “I’m especially sorry when I was shot in the head,” Zwoliski said after the match.

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To be able to enjoy the match, both teams wanted to play football and get full points. Eventually, a balance was reached and there was a dissatisfaction in the dressing rooms of both Silesia and Lechia.

– Of course, we feel dissatisfied, because in the second half we worked hard to win. We had our own circumstances. Everything is possible in the league, we will fight to the end. A draw at Vroko would not affect any team, and Silesia was the toughest rival we played this year – coach Stokovic agreed.

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The coach of whites and greens regretted that he could not get all the points.

– We wanted to win in Vrogo and chase the lead, but the draw will not affect either side, we have to accept that. We never look back on anyone despite the tough games ahead of us. We will fight to the end. The team showed character and I am happy about that too. This match turned out to be weird. Initially, we created two good situations and we were close to scoring. Meanwhile, at an unexpected moment, we agreed on goals. It knocked us out of a little rhythm and we played very nervous. Silesia took the initiative and created many situations. We only came back into the game with a score of 1-1. We regained our balance and we started playing bravely. We made some changes to the list in the second half and set the tone for the game. We played aggressively, spectacularly, we created situations and it may be regrettable not being able to use them – Stokovic summed up the match.

A definite win for Lechia Cottons over Jackie Lupine. Head coach Pyotr Stokovic’s team was slightly behind on the league stage